Index of documents in package delivered to:

Richard Durbin, Chief US Attorney for the North-Western, District of TX for Criminal Matters by Devvy on February 27, 2009, Austin, Texas

1 - Letter from DOJ to Devvy

2 - Letter from Jesse Trentadue to Senator Patrick Leahy

3 - Letter from Dr. Orly Taitz to Senator Charles Grassley

4 - Top Ten FACTS you need to know about Obama aka Soetoro

5 - Two Reasons Obama will neither publicly speak about where he was born or produce the original vault long form birth certificate by Appuzzo, Esq.

6 - Effort to legsislate Obama’s citizenship

7 - Military Officers on Active Duty in Iraq who will be plaintiffs

8 - FOAs, State Records Act Requests

9 - Letters to James Burrus, FBI, Washington, DC

10 - Phil Berg, Attorney at Law: Three active cases; one sealed

11 - Passport files breeched

12 - Subpeonas issued by United States Justice Foundation for Obama aka Soetoro’s records and housing at Occidental College.

(Note: I checked with Gary Kreep at the United States Justice Foundation on February 25, 2009. Occidental College is trying to quash their subpeonas. The hearing on that will be March 13, 2009.) 

13 - Legislators to become plaintiffs -  the number is now seven since I  put together the file

14 - Chief Justice John Roberts meets with defendant in secret

15 - Proof birth certificate is a forgery

16 - Stephen Pidgeon, Attorney at Law – another case going to the Supreme Court

17 - Kercher v Obama et all; Mario Appuzzo attorney of record

18 - Proof Obama lied on his bar application

19 - Obama’s proven communists connections in Hawaii and Chicago



20  - One set of CDs. The material on these two CDs can be found here and here.

They represent the legal arguments in the Donofrio and Wrotnoski cases.

It is critical for Americans to understand what ‘natural born at birth’ means both historically and legally. These are audio CDs.